Organic Dried Elderberry
20 lbs bag Increments
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Organic Dried Elderberry
20 lbs bag Increments

$230.00 - $300.00


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# of Bags Total lbs Discount per lb Price per lb Total price
1 bag 20 lbs. $15 per lb $300.00
2 bags 40 lbs. -$2.00 per lb $14 per lb $560.00
3 bags 60 lbs. -$3.00 per lb $13 per lb $780.00
4 bags 80 lbs. -$4.00 per lb $12 per lb $960.00
5 bags 100 lbs. -$5.50 per lb $11.50 per lb $1150.00


(6 customer reviews)

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Quantity (.lbs) Price (per .lb)
1 $300.00
2 $280.00
3 $260.00
4 $240.00
5+ $230.00
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Make your own elderberry syrup or tea with our organic dried elderberries.

* Antioxidant packed
* Immunity Boosting

The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. Elderberry has been known to aid in anti-inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and sick symptoms. Our organic berries are loaded with antioxidants and flavanoids to support your customer’s natural health.

For larger quantities (over 100 lbs) please contact us for a custom discount quote – Contact us here for orders over 100 lbs

6 reviews for Organic Dried Elderberry
20 lbs bag Increments

  1. Karen Glover

    Phenomenal customer service & berries

    I always like to learn more about the company before I make a big bulk purchase on wholesale orders. I decided to call in and tried my luck on a Saturday. Tony answered and sat with me for 25 minutes to go through all of the details of the product and service. I had no reluctance but to try Graystone as he was so nice and helpful.=! As if it couldn’t get better, the berries were AMAZING. Best dried elderberries I have ever used! I will stick with Graystone elderberries for the long haul

  2. Curtis Curry

    Great quality, minimal stems

    These dried elderberries were so fruitful and fragrant!! And there were very few stems! I usually have to sit and pick out stems and unripe berries but this batch saved me SO much time and stress, or loss of dead weight. Packaging was in great condition, I have already started to make tincture with half the bag and am making syrup with the other half!

  3. Marilyn Watson

    High quality berries

    These are the absolute best dried elderberries I have attempted. The color is quite full and deep purple, not many stems to have to pull out, and basically no unripe berries. This organization offers very clean ORGANIC berries unlike the other brands out there I make my own elderberry syrup. The kind of the syrup in my last clump utilizing these berries was the best tasting syrup I have ever constructed!!!! I will keep on purchasing these berries.

  4. Misty Watts

    Aromatic and plentiful

    We made some delightful elderberry syrup with the aromatic and wholesale batch of berries. We realized the flavor would be extraordinary when the fragrance filled the air, they smell simply amazing! The berries stewed into a healthy thickness which helped to make several batches of sambucus nigra syrup from this 1 bulk order. We will have the option to make numerous batches and continue to order from Graystone again

  5. Robert Grant

    Incredible quality, beats the rest

    I was content with these berries, as I previously used a past provider for my syrup and I will stay with this brand from this point forward. Exceptionally fragrant and berries look great and no twigs.

  6. Nicolas Collins

    I continually use this brand

    I generally utilize this brand when I make my elderberry syrup in the fall. Consistently the quality has been reliably acceptable. The strong bags makes for simple storage and this brand prints the termination date on the label so I know how long its good for. The berries make for some extraordinary elderberry syrup and I’ve never had any issues. Will keep on purchasing from this brand.

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